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2 of our Most Popular Products at Uppercase Designs

If you're looking for unique and high-quality home decor products, then look no further than Uppercase Designs! This website offers a wide range of items that are handmade and customizable to fit your style and needs. Two of their most popular products are the   HOT TUB TABLES and the  CHUNKY KNITTING LOOMS.  

The hot tub tables from Uppercase Designs are a convenient and practical accessory that is designed to make your hot tub experience even better. [1] Unlike other hot tub tables that sit over the water, the Foldable Hot Tub Table from Uppercase Designs mounts to the outside of your hot tub, providing a stable platform for your drinks, snacks, and other items. This unique table folds down when not in use.  The most important aspect of this table is that it will keep your cell phone and other electronics safe and dry. These tables are made with specially selected cedar wood and are available in various sizes and finishes to match your hot tub area's aesthetic.

Another popular product from Uppercase Designs is their CHUNKY KNITTING LOOMS. [3] These looms are specifically designed for knitting beautiful and cozy chunky knit blankets. No experience is needed to use these looms, and they come with written instructions and online videos to guide you through the process.  Using this loom with no experience, you can expect to have a throw made in a couple of hours.  They make a great gift for anyone.

Overall, Uppercase Designs offers unique and high-quality products that will elevate your home decor game. The hot tub tables and chunky knitting looms are just two examples of their great products. Check out their website to explore more products, and feel free to contact them with any questions or customization requests! [2]


Hot Tub Tables

Chunky Knitting Looms


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