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Mom's Simple Meat Pie Recipe

Mom's Meat Pie Recipe

Mom’s Simple Meat Pie Recipe
It’s super easy, even I can make it and so delicious!

double crust pie shells
lean ground hamburg meat +1lb/pie
Campbells Vegetable soup, 2 cans/ pie

Brown up a bunch of lean ground hamburg meat in a deep pot (Don’t burn it eh!) 

Once the hamburg meat is cooked, remove from heat and drain off the fat.

Stir in a bunch of Campbell’s Vegetable Soup. 

I use Tenderflake shortening to make my pie shells.  Or you can cheat - buy 2 frozen pie shells but thaw them out before using – Who will know? :-)

Ok, dump that stuff into your pie shell.  Add the top pie shell.  Be sure you put the cuts in the top so the steam can escape when it’s cooking.

Now put that baby in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for about 45-50 mins.  Watch to make sure it doesn’t get too brown on the top if it does – cover the top lightly with foil until it's finished.

  Enjoy with Ketchup, Yum Yum!      Let me know how it turns out.              

Mom's Meat Pie Recipe
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