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Did your cell phone fall into the hot tub?

If you choose not to use this hot tub table mounted outside the hot tub and away from the water, there are several potential negative consequences for your cell phone and other valuables. Here are some reasons why using this hot tub table from Uppercase Designs (www.UppercaseDesigns.ca) is beneficial:

  1. Water damage prevention: Without this hot tub table, there is a risk of your cell phone falling into the water while you are enjoying your hot tub. This can lead to severe water damage and render your phone unusable.

  2. Protection from accidental splashes: When your cell phone is within close proximity to the hot tub, accidental splashes from the water can occur. These splashes can damage your phone and compromise its functionality.

  3. Secure and accessible placement: This hot tub table provides a secure and accessible place to keep your cell phone and other valuables while you relax in the hot tub. It is specifically designed to mount to the outside of the hot tub, keeping your items within easy reach.

  4. Convenient storage: When not in use, this hot tub table can be easily folded down, making storage hassle-free. This feature ensures that the table doesn't take up valuable space in your hot tub area.

  5. Quality craftsmanship: This hot tub table from Uppercase Designs is made from high-quality cedar wood selected from specialty wood shops. This ensures its durability and longevity, allowing it to withstand the elements and maintain its functionality and aesthetics over time.

  6. Customizability and style: This hot tub table is customizable to match your individual tastes and preferences. It can be purchased unsealed, giving you the option to stain it to match your decor, or you can purchase a table that is already sealed. This allows you to personalize your hot tub setup.

By using this hot tub table from Uppercase Designs, you can protect your cell phone and other valuables from water damage and accidental splashes, while also enjoying the convenience and accessibility it provides. It is a functional, stylish, and durable solution that enhances your hot tub experience.


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