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Although enjoying the hot tub is one of the best ways to get some rest and relaxation, it’s probably one of the worst places to use one’s cell phone. Ever thought of it falling into the hot tub? Probably! There goes the rest and relaxation!

Most people would like to play some music with their cell phone or maybe enjoy a drink. Some even work on their phone and need to have it close by for unexpected phone calls. Either way, everyone’s bound to bring something valuable to the hot tub and look for a safe spot to place a drink, cell phone, watch etc. There’s no doubt there are certain risks in doing so – cell phones getting wet or worse, slipping into the hot tub would be the biggest frustration and expense.

With this scenario in mind, Uppercase Designs came up with a solution to prevent this from happening and ruining one’s rest and relaxation. Its new product, a Folding Hot Tub Table, easily attaches to the front face of the hot tub and has a raised lip around all sides to prevent anything from sliding off. Its other features include fold down shelf brackets and a hook to screw into the side to hang a towel for hand drying. Made out of cedar, this Folding Hot Tub Table is built for the outdoors.

More information about the Folding Hot Tub Table can be found at https://www.foldinghottubtable.com. And to know more about Uppercase Designs and its other products, visit its official website at https://www.uppercasedesigns.ca and Instagram: @UppercaseWoodDesigns

About Uppercase Designs

Uppercase Designs is a Niagara, Ontario-based interior designs and home decor shop that make quality products like pub tables, barn doors, floating shelves, fireplace mantels, side tables, work tables, built-in desks, hot tub tables, bath caddies, risers, large picture frames, large window framed mirrors, knitting looms and more.

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Website: https://www.foldinghottubtable.com/

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