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  • Struggling Chunky Blanket

    Have you ever tried knitting a chunky blanket by hand? The struggle is real. The dropped stitches.  Or uneven stitches? Fear not, there is a game changer in the world of chunky blanket knitting: the Chunky Blanket Loom from www.uppercasedesigns.ca.
  • Hot Tub Table Safety

    Safety is paramount when enjoying a hot tub, and Uppercase Designs understands this concern. Their hot tub tables offer a crucial safety feature by keeping phones and valuables safely away from the water. By mounting securely to the outside of the hot tub, these tables provide a convenient and stable platform for keeping essentials within reach without the risk of accidental spills or drops
  • Seed Stitch Pattern

    Introducing the Seed Stitch Pattern, an enchanting addition to the array of patterns available exclusively at www.UppercaseDesigns.ca for the Chunky Blanket Loom. With its simple yet captivating design, the Seed Stitch Pattern brings a touch of rustic charm to your chunky blankets.
  • Craftsmanship

    Customers are purchasing the hot tub table being sold at www.UppercaseDesigns.ca for several compelling reasons: Craftsmanship: The hot tu...
  • Island CounterTops as large as you need

    Uppercase Designs offers custom countertops that can be purchased online at www.UppercaseDesigns.ca. These custom countertops provide a range of benefits and options to suit your specific needs. Here are the key features and advantages of the custom countertops...

  • Stand Up Desk - Fine Piece of Furniture

    At Uppercase Designs, you can find a motorized stand-up desk that offers a fine piece of furniture with unique customization options. Unlike many commercial-looking stand-up desks, this desk combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. It is available for purchase on their website, www.UppercaseDesigns.ca.

  • Built In Desk

    The Custom Built-in Desk sold online at www.UppercaseDesigns.ca is a versatile and customizable furniture piece that offers several benefits. Here are the key features and advantages of this built-in desk:
  • Uppercase Designs - Mission, Vision and Values

    Mission: The mission of Uppercase Designs is to create high-quality custom wood products and furnishings that showcase exceptional craftsmanship and embody the spirit of hard work, dedication, and family. The business aims to provide unique and carefully crafted items that reflect the passion and dedication of the owner. From conceptualization to fabrication, every aspect of the creation process is personally handled to ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Hall Tables up to 8' Long

    At Uppercase Designs, you can find a variety of Long Hall Tables that offer numerous benefits and features. The Long Hall Tables sold on their website, www.UppercaseDesigns.ca, are designed with careful attention to detail and offer the following advantages:
  • An Exclusive Woodworking Business

    Uppercase Designs, owned and operated by Shelley McNeil, is an exclusive woodworking business based in Niagara, Ontario. Shelley specializes in crafting high-quality custom wood products and furnishings, including hot tub tables, chunky knitting looms, bath caddies, and more.
  • Some Benefits of Uppercase Designs Products

    Here are some of the benefits associated with the products offered by Uppercase Designs:

    1. Innovative Hot Tub Table: Uppercase Designs offers a hot tub table with a unique design that mounts to the outside of the hot tub, ensuring the safety of personal belongings such as cell phones and providing easy access without the risk of them falling into the water. This innovative design sets their hot tub table apart from others on the market [1].

  • Uppercase Designs Brand

    Uppercase Designs is a company based in Niagara, Ontario, specializing in creating custom-designed and handcrafted products for home decor and furnishings. They offer a diverse range of products, including pub tables, sofa tables, desks, barn doors, floating shelves, mantels, side tables, work tables, built-in desks, hot tub tables, bath caddies, wood risers, wall art, large picture frames, large framed mirrors, and more. The products are available in various sizes, finishes, and colors to cater to individual preferences.
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